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At StartingBloc in Los Angeles

Today I start a five day Social Innovation Institute through StartingBloc.  I will be spending all day at the Annenburg Community Beach House on Santa Monica State Beach.  Unfortunately it is supposed to rain almost every day that I am here, but we will be spending so much time in the meeting room that it is probably just as well.  If you are in the LA area and are interested in connecting please let me know, or consider attending the StartingBloc Launch Party this Sunday night (basically a coming out party for us young social innovators).

By attending this Institute, I hope to meet other energized young leaders from around the world.  I am excited to hear about their ideas and to expand my network.  Also, I hope to learn more about the intersection between for profit and non profit.  The Great Recession got me thinking about how to create jobs and / or create wealth while still focusing on building community and social good.

Thank you again to my sponsors and for everyone that contributed ideas for how to spend $100M towards addressing climate change.  I look forward to sharing with you what I learn.

Saving the Planet in 1 Week with $100 Million and 4 People

As most of my readers know, I am attending the StartingBloc Social Innovation Institute in LA next week.  This program is geared towards young adults (20 somethings) from around the world who strive to make the world a better place.  With that in mind, before we even arrive at the institute, they have assembled us into small teams and given us a lofty challenge.

Our challenge for the “Long Game” exercise is to figure out how to invest $100 million to have the greatest possible impact on climate change.  We are encouraged to look at: for-profit companies who are developing innovative technology, nonprofits that are addressing environmental protection, as well as investments in policy or advocacy regarding climate change.  We are free to invest the money in any way and encouraged to think outside of the box.

By next week when I arrive in LA for the institute, our group needs to have an investment strategy and be prepared to give an 8 minute presentation on that strategy.  The presentations will be voted on and the team with the most votes wins the game.

So …

What is your experience with the issue of climate change?

What investment, if made in the next 10 years, would reduce carbon emissions to zero or near zero?

What type of investment has the greatest return?  What type of investment would allow us to leverage the most money?

Who should I be talking to about this project?

3 Days Left To Raise $125 in Sponsorship Funds

I am counting on you to help me get to StartingBloc, a Social Innovation Institute for young leaders, this February.


If you prefer to donate in a different way, please contact me at servicedrivenus@gmail.com.

I need to raise $125 in the next 3 days in order to cover the costs of attending this young leader training program.  With your support, I will get access to a transformative experience and a network of social entrepreneurs, socially minded corporations, and supportive Universities.

Thank you to my parents and Jay’s parents for your sponsorship!

Perhaps you want to sponsor me:

  • in honor of my birthday next week!  $27 to celebrate 27 years!
  • to support our volunteer efforts!  For every $10 donation, I will volunteer 1 hour in your name (a $20 value).
  • to congratulate me on completing a Masters Degree this month!  How about $15 — one dollar for each month I was in school.
  • to have a chance to read all about the StartingBloc experience right here on this blog.  Wondering what kind of young people are interested in social innovation?  Want to learn about social entrepreneurship?  I promise to share pictures, video, and stories next February during and after the program.

To read more about StartingBloc and the Social Innovation Institute in February 2011 — check out this post from November, StartingBloc – Kicking Off Service Driven.

Please note that if you donate through the StartingBloc Sponsorship Page, I will see the donation, but will not know who it is from for another week or so.  I will thank you personally as soon as I know.

StartingBloc – Kicking off Service Driven

This service-oriented road trip, Service Driven, has been in the our minds for about a year, but a new twist was added just over a month ago.  On the IBM Service Jam in October, one of the participants mentioned that StartingBloc was a really successful new program for young social innovators.  Having never heard of it before, I checked it out and was impressed by the people associated with it and their stories of social change.  I applied, and two weeks ago I found out that I was accepted!

Learn more about StartingBloc from this Fast Company article, or by watching this 2 minute clip:

So now I will be spending the middle of February in Los Angeles, surrounded by 109 other young people who are just as energized about making a difference and having an impact as I am!  I am hopeful that it will be the perfect precursor to our adventure.

If you would like to support me in attending the Social Innovation institute, you can sponsor me HERE.  This would also be a great alternative this year to Christmas or birthday presents since we are downsizing in anticipation of our trip.

To support StartingBloc in offering more scholarships for 2011 Fellows, vote for them in the Pepsi Refresh Challenge HERE.