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Photography: Texture

fuzzy plant close up web


My style of photography is one in which I focus on the basics of texture, color, contrast, and patterns in nature.  Rather than capturing a scene, I usually prefer to compose a close up image that highlights one of these characteristics, sometimes obscuring the actual subject.  In particular, I like to draw attention to something beautiful or unique in the day to day landscape.  For example, the plant pictured above is probably just a weed, which was growing out of the concrete wash next to Jay’s parents house.  The plant drew my attention with the great contrasting textures of the thin stiff green stems and the fluffy soft exploding seed pods.

Photo Review: Fall in Flagstaff

The pictures below were taken in September and October in the mountains that overlook Flagstaff, Arizona.  In Flagstaff, the primary fall beauty is the Aspens turning yellow and the contrast with the surrounding Ponderosa Pine.

Photo Review: Tonto National Forest near Pine

On Sunday night we decided to go camping in the Tonto National Forest, just south of Pine, Arizona.  This gave me the opportunity to wander the forest finding great photo opportunities.  Here are some of my favorites:

Photo Review: La Posada Garden

This weekend we had the privilege of staying at the historic La Posada Hotel in Winslow, Arizona with my parents.  One of the highlights of the hotel was the enclosed garden patio.  Here are several photos I took from the patio.

Photo Review: Hummingbirds and their Habitat

This morning I took a break from working remotely to go for a short walk in the desert.  I was hoping to find blooming cacti to photograph, but instead it seemed like hummingbirds were following me everywhere, so I got a chance to photograph them instead.

hummingbird on ocotillo

hummingbird on ocotillo

hummingbird on ocotillo

Photo Review: Phoenix, An Active Desert

Yesterday I went for a photo hike in the desert behind Jay’s parents house.  I was amazed at how active the desert was with so many birds chirping and lizards darting around.  Soon the desert will start blooming again with beautiful bright cactus flowers, but for now spring is through song.


barrel cactus and creosote

turkey vulture in flight