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Photo Review: Christina Lake, British Columbia

We are a bit out of order here… when Jay was riding the Seven Summits Trail in Rossland, I went to see Christina Lake, just west of Rossland.  The lake’s claim to fame is that it is the warmest lake in Canada.  I really wanted to go swimming in a lake, but it seemed like I might be begging for hypothermia since it wasn’t a particularly warm day and when I dropped Jay off 45 minutes away there were patches of snow on the ground.  Amazingly, the lake was warm enough to swim in (by Sharon standards).  In fact, it felt warmer than the first swim of the season in Phoenix when I jumped in the Holt’s pool at 69 degrees.  After swimming for awhile, I headed up the hill and rode the Kettle Valley rail trail to check out the Cascade Gorge.  Here are some photos from the afternoon.

Christina Lake

Christina Lake

view from bridge on Kettle Valley Rail Trail

trestle bridge on Kettle Valley Rail Trail

cascade gorge, christina lake

Cascade Gorge, British Columbia

bike on Kettle Valley Rail Trail