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Happy Birthday Jay

Jay turns 29 today!  I’m so glad that he was born 29 years ago and that I get to celebrate with him today.


Jay is Wolverine

Ok, it’s official.  Jay heals faster than humanly possible.  He must be Wolverine or something.


In other words, Jay is doing great.  At his visit to the Phoenix Burn unit yesterday, they said that he was looking great, could switch to a different type of dressing, and after one more week of follow up would probably be considered done with treatment.  He has healthy new skin coming in where the burn used to be.  He has shown absolutely zero signs of infection.  He is already off most of the pain meds.  He can sit on the burn for periods of 15 minutes or more.  If it were not for the pictures I have of the burn during the first week, I would have thought that I dreamed the whole thing.

He’s still being driven nuts by the itching (similar to when you get a bad sunburn or get a tattoo).  He will not be riding his bike right away (unless he tries it trials style and doesn’t sit on the saddle…).  Otherwise, he’s back to normal.

Hopefully he can update the blog next week so that you can get his perspective.  We hope to be back on the road in April after his brother’s wedding.  Thank you all so much for your support.

Jay’s Birthday’s Tomorrow

I just wanted to put up a quick post to let everyone know that Jay will be celebrating his 28th birthday tomorrow.  Since he won’t actually be able to celebrate beyond eating some cake, I was hoping everyone could write in cheerful messages or send cards.

Jay's birthday

A picture from Jay's birthday two years ago in Virginia

You can send birthday or get well e-cards to servicedrivenus@gmail.com

You can send birthday or get well cards snail mail to:

Jay Holt
2262 E Clinton St
Phoenix, AZ 85028

Some other things that would be nice to include:

  • a good joke
  • some positive news
  • an article or something to read about something he’s interested in (bike trails, new scientific discoveries, travel, bacon, beer)
  • movie recommendations for fun comedies or action films that would provide a much needed distraction

Thank you for helping me to make his birthday special even as I’m sure it’s going to be a tough one.