How You Can Help

jay and sharon

Thank You!

Thank you for your interest in helping us.

There are many ways to support this project.  You can:

  • Donate — either through goods, services, gift cards, or cash
  • Offer Advice — we are open to suggestions on where to go and where to serve
  • Share — please share our story with your network, we love to meet new people and discover new opportunities

3 responses to “How You Can Help

  1. Will you be coming to Calgary? If so, do you know when you would be arriving? I would love to meet up with you and introduce you to a cool initiative I am involved with: 🙂

    • Hi Felicia,
      We’re definitely interested in Calgary — I have an Uncle in Canmore who we plan to visit. We are looking at going up there in July probably. looks cool, I signed up for email updates.

      Thanks for reading and sharing!

  2. July is a great time! Calgary Stampede time 🙂 Thanks for checking out 🙂 Have a safe and incredible journey 🙂

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