The Elusive Quail



As long time readers know, I enjoy bird watching and have spent much of the last year and a half learning how to photograph birds.  Throughout that time I have never been able to get a clear decent picture of a quail.  This photo from the Phoenix Mountain Preserve is the closest I have gotten.  Quail look goofy and walk around on the ground in a way that suggests that they would be easy to catch.  Not so.  For how unsophisticated they seem, they are actually masterful at hiding in the bushes and quickly darting from one safe cover to another, successfully avoiding predators as well as birdwatchers.

4 responses to “The Elusive Quail

  1. How big is the quail? Is he about the size of a dove?

  2. Sometimes they get really, really fat! I wish Sharon could catch a photo of a baby quail. They are seriously adorable waddling after their parents.

    • Somewhere I do have a picture of baby quail in Jay’s parents backyard. They often have whole family of quail that basically live in their yard. Unfortunately there was one year that the babies got into the pool and did not survive.

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