Bike Commuting in the Cold

Brr! When we first got home from Virginia it was 11 degrees overnight in Flagstaff. I am determined to keep bike commuting all year long, so I am learning how to layer up and handle the cold.

Any suggestions for bike commuting in winter?


5 responses to “Bike Commuting in the Cold

  1. Ears Fingers and Toes!
    Booties, wool socks
    Ski Gloves, (cheaper and have great curves for poles and handlebars)
    Helmet cover, you got the under helmet layer, but a cover over the vents is huge!
    Belaclava for the face on the worst days.
    Going down to work in the AM is gonna be KKKOld. I am very partial to the bike jackets Jay and I have. They have goretex wind block on the front, and vent in the back. Micro fiber undergarments are mandatory.
    Then again leave early and walk….esp on ice and snow.

    • I’m getting close to the right gear. I do not have a balaclava, booties or bike jacket. The top layers I have work pretty well, I generally do a base layer and then a fleece layer. If it’s really cold or windy I add my wind stopper fleece vest and my waterproof/windproof jacket.
      I’ve ordered waterproof pants from REI to try out in the rain and snow.

  2. I have no suggestions, just commenting to say that I think it’s really great you do this!

  3. Try making a balaclava using windblock fleece – soft on the inside and windproof on the outside

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