Daily Archives: November 1, 2012

A new style of beer, IPL

image On our way back from our honeymoon in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, we took a page from our old playbook and searched google maps for any new breweries. Luckily, we found Lost Rhino Brewing Company, just a few minutes off our route. After trying several tasters and chatting up the bartender, the bartender asked if we would like to meet one of the brewers. Sure! The brewer, who had been in the business for 7 years and previously worked for Old Dominion, gave us a tour. This was a hands on experience as he asked us to throw some hop pellets into the tank and then gave us samples of two new styles directly from the holding tank. We tasted and India Pale Lager and a mango flavored ale. The IPL is a new style that not many places have tried. I would describe it as a clean crisp IPA with very strong hop. The mango beer surprised me since I haven’t been able to eat mangoes ever since our food poisoning incident in Fiji. I actually liked this beer!