Rehearsal Dinner

Now that we are an old married couple, settled into domestic life in Flagstaff, we have decided to change the format of this blog.  From now on most of our posts will just include a photo or video and one paragraph of text.

Here goes:

Sharon, Jay, Zoe, Mike, and Kacy at the Lyceum in Alexandria Virginia where we had our rehearsal dinner for our wedding.

Our wedding weekend kicked off with the rehearsal dinner on Friday night.  It was a wonderful evening hosted by Jay’s parents in which we got a chance to catch up with old friends such as Zoe, Kacy, and Kacy’s husband Mike, pictured above.  The food highlight of the evening was a delicious beef brisket from Kitchen Gourmet.  After taking a bite, our friend Stephen joked that now he knew why he had cultivated this friendship with Jay over the last 10 years or so.


3 responses to “Rehearsal Dinner

  1. It was a great evening, but what made it so special was that Jay’s parents invited all out-of-town guests too! Very generous of them and it made for a really fun party.

  2. That was an amazing evening, and we were so happy to share this special time with you!!! I still taste that brisket 🙂 Thank you to the Holt’s for extending the invitation to all of us.

  3. It was our pleasure.

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