Clips of Faith

Before I left town, I had the opportunity to go to New Belgium’s Clips of Faith short film festival.  Of course it was fun to try the final few New Belgium beers that I had never tried and hang out with my soccer teammates (Jay was out in the field for work).  I was also pleasantly surprised by the film selections.

The final film left me misty eyed.  This was based on a couple’s 5 month road trip  to South America.  The similarities between their adventures and our adventures on the road transported back to the highlights of an epic road trip.

As I watch the couple climb over sand dunes I laughed thinking about how Jay would tease me about my obsession with sand dunes.  I hate sand and refuse to hang out at the beach, but I couldn’t get enough of land locked sand dunes.

Besides the fun flashbacks, I was also touched by the final narration of the film.

The narrator asks:

Is it possible to be happy with this life?


Did you enjoy your story?

These questions get to the heart of what we are still trying to ask ourselves.

I hope you enjoy the clip!


3 responses to “Clips of Faith

  1. Magnificence!

  2. Melinda Bloom

    i enjoyed the clip very much. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. This is beautiful; thanks for sharing.

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