Stepping Up My Bike Commuting

As most of you have probably heard by now, I am working for American Conservation Experience. This means I am often working in the field for days at a time. For most people this would mean needing a car to haul gear.  Not for me, not with my Fargo bicycle.

Yes I also carried the orange pack in the foreground.

Sure, being a one car household has some to do with riding more, but there is more to it. Living in Flagstaff forces you to up your game.

It looks awkward but this bike is built to haul and handled surprisingly well.


Here in Flagstaff people haul multiple children simultaneously by bike.  Sighting someone riding to work with 60 pounds of gear in the rain is common place. I certainly appreciate being constantly reminded that I should up my game. It feels good to ride strong even when it is uphill, in the rain, with a rig that may be north of 80 pounds.


One response to “Stepping Up My Bike Commuting

  1. Melinda Bloom

    How far did you have to go with all that gear? And what did you do with the bike when you got there?

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