23rd Week in Review: Storms Rolling In

This week meant rain, thunder, and lightning for much of Arizona.  It felt like the chaos of the weather was spilling over into our lives too.  We headed to Phoenix on Friday evening for the Arizona AmeriCorps Governor’s Conference.  There were lots of logistical challenges to getting there, but ultimately we did and it was fun to meet AmeriCorps members from around the state.  It was also nice to catch up on some wedding planning with Jay’s parents.  We ordered a suit for Jay and got ready to order invitations.

Jay helps a fellow AmeriCorps member in a skit at the Governor’s Conference

Over the weekend, Jay started having pain in his mouth.  Not a good sign when you have had dental problems in the past.  The pain got worse Sunday night and first thing Monday morning Jay got in to see his old dentist here.  Bad news – it was time for a root canal.  After suffering through a full day of intense pain, he got in to see the endodontist on Tuesday morning.  We’re happy that Jay is no longer in pain and back to his old self.  Boy do we miss dental insurance.

Volunteering:  Sharon started working on the website for her class reunion and prepared for her new officer role with Toastmasters.

Beer of the Week: Jay really liked the John John Dead Guy Ale from Rogue

Something New:  Jay got a new suit for the wedding!

Highlight of Being in One Place: Having a regular doctor or dentist who you know and trust.


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