New Flagstaff Loop Trail

Jay and I are incredibly excited about the Flagstaff Loop Trail, a 42 mile circle of mostly singletrack surrounding Flagstaff.  Construction on the Loop Trail began in 2008 and Flagstaff Biking Organization hopes to fully connect the loop through trail construction this year.  We helped on one of the missing links this spring and really hope that the remaining missing links will be finished by the end of the year.

In the meantime, we are now able to make a small loop near our apartment on Lake Mary Road by connecting to a new Loop Trail segment behind the Pine Canyon gated community.  That segment heads across a mesa and then drops down towards Skunk Canyon.  At the moment most of the trail is unsigned so it is helpful to either study the Loop Trail map (see link above) or go with someone who knows the area.  The Loop Trail is designed to be between beginner and intermediate so it is the perfect practice area for me.

The first video shows where the new trail turns off of the Arizona Trail.  If you stayed straight it would head towards Fisher Point.

This video shows a representative sample of the trail.  Note the extremely dry conditions.  The trail should improve when we’ve had some more rain.


2 responses to “New Flagstaff Loop Trail

  1. Awesome,Sharon! This looks like a great trail 🙂

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