22nd Week in Review: Settling In

We’ve been living in limbo for the last five months.  Not much has changed about our situation – we are both still only employed through September – but something felt different this week.  We switched our car insurance, registration, etc. to Arizona and submitted change of address forms to the post office.  We are still living out of boxes, still too temporary to bring our cat home, and still unsure of where we will be after our wedding in October.  That said, we would like to stay in Flagstaff for awhile if it works out, and taking these small steps was one way to acknowledge that.


Our friend Kate being inducted as a new officer in the Toastmasters Club

Another small step I took was to accept an officer role with our Toastmasters Club.  I have a back up in case I have to leave in October, but for now I am making a commitment and putting those roots out a little further.

Volunteering:  Sharon gave a tour at Riordan Mansion and trained new readers at Sun Sounds.  She has also joined the planning committee for her 10 year high school reunion and got inducted as an officer in the Toast of Flag Toastmasters club.

Beer of the Week: Jay’s favorite beer lately has been the Deschutes Red Chair Northwest Pale Ale

Something New:  Jay showed me the new segment of Loop Trail near our house.  We also finally made it to the farmer’s market on Sunday.  And my soccer team won our first game!

Highlight of Being in One Place:  Taking a leadership role in a community organization like Toastmasters.


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