Photo Review: Flagstaff’s Fourth of July Parade

Fourth of July is a big deal in Flagstaff, tracing all the way back to 1876.  It was in that year that a group of travelers camped in this area on the fourth of July and decided to celebrate the country’s centennial by cutting down a pine tree, stripping it of its branches and bark and raising it as a post to hoist an American flag.  They left the pine pole standing when they moved on and it became the landmark that ended up giving Flagstaff its name.  We celebrate every year with a huge parade downtown.  This parade is serious small town fun.  Everyone is either in it or watching it and it goes on for hours.  This morning I represented AmeriCorps in the parade and then got to take a bunch of pictures.  Here are my favorites:

Looking patriotic and representing AmeriCorps

These ladies were with Sambateque

We jumped in behind the Peace Corps group

For some reason the APS (utility) employees dressed up as clowns

the Alpine Pedaler, a human powered bar, was dry this morning

There were several floats representing different military groups

I had no idea there were so many cheerleaders in Flagstaff

I was very impressed with the gymnasts

Katie cheers on the NAU marching band, we decided they were the laziest marching band we had seen

Shannon oozed patriotic cheer as she promoted Pickin’ in the Pines

This little train was one of the coolest vehicles in my opinion

The Hopi Dancers walked with the Museum of Northern Arizona

Don’t hit any bumps or you’ll lose the tuba section!

Elisabeth’s darling daughter

These kids were remarkably good, playing classic rock!

Representing Coconino County Search and Rescue volunteers

This was my favorite of a long line of classic cars

This vehicle was towing a demolished demolition derby vehicle

One of our AmeriCorps members, Patrick, promoting recycling

Who knew there was an antique tractor club?


Thank goodness for the rain today.  Unfortunately after 65 days straight without even a drop of rain we are under severe fire restrictions and will not be seeing any fireworks tonight.  That doesn’t stop Flagstaff from having a festive Fourth though!  Happy Independence Day!


2 responses to “Photo Review: Flagstaff’s Fourth of July Parade

  1. yep, Flag’s parade is eclectic and lots of fun; thanks for the photo array from my former home city, Sharon; terrific shots, as always

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