Week 20: Learning to Be Apart

As I wrote about earlier this week, the key characteristic of this week was that I was at home and Jay was not.  Jay has started a new job where all of his work is in the field, camping in the forest, away from internet or even cell phone signal.  He will go out for 4-8 days at a time and then be home for  5-6 days.  This week fell into the 8 day window that he was working.  I spent the week looking for ways to keep myself busy and trying not to miss him too terribly.

The Brewer’s Breakfast at Made in the Shade — note the chair covers made by yours truly

Volunteering:  Sharon gave a tour of Riordan Mansion on Friday.  It was finally time for the Made in the Shade Beer Tasting Festival, at which Sharon volunteered all day, assisting with the Brewer’s Breakfast, managing live updates on Facebook, and MCing the costume contest.

Beer of the Week: Amazingly enough Sharon did not taste any beer at the festival (since she was working), and Jay can not and does not drink while he’s in the field.  When Jay got home on Wednesday we headed to Hops on Birch for a celebratory beer.  Jay tried the Four Peaks Barley Wine and I tried the Great Divide Belgian Blonde Ale.  Both were quite tasty.

Something New:  Jay got to know the new folks on his crew.  I checked out a new Zumba class for the first time.

Highlight of Being in One Place:  I have joined the recreation center and am really enjoying the classes and facilities there.


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