When Jay’s Not Around

Jay’s new job is exciting and awesome, but it is also a big change for us since he will be working eight days in the field and then be home for six days.  I’m getting adjusted to the idea of life without him right beside me all the time, and I’ve noticed a few things I thought I would share.

When Jay’s not around …

  • I get the chance to listen to the music I like and Jay strongly dislikes – this could involve dancing around to Black Eyed Peas in the kitchen or singing Garth Brooks at the top of my lungs in the car.
  • I sleep less and don’t sleep as well – without Jay to tuck me in and kiss me goodnight I put off going to bed and often fall asleep with my laptop or ipad next to me.
  • I drive the car more.  With only one car to share, I try not to use the car if I don’t have to when Jay’s home.
  • I go shopping!  Jay hates to shop and I hate to waste precious time together by leaving him home to go shopping.  Yesterday I took delight in heading to the thrift store for a thorough shopping outing.
  • I drink less alcohol – I’ve never been up for having much to drink on weeknights, but without Jay to finish the other half of my beer, I often don’t bother even opening one.  Today I had to dig out our gadgets for sealing a beer bottle in order to save the other half of my beer for later!
  • I don’t bother fixing meals that look nice or make sense.  I can have cereal for dinner or combine blue berries and yogurt with rotisserie chicken.
  • I stay at work longer or go in earlier.  Basically I have little incentive to leave work if there’s something I’m in the middle of, so I just don’t.

I’m hoping to learn ways to keep up the healthy habits when Jay returns and to cope with the unhealthy side effects of his leaving.



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