Week 18: Getting Settled


Charlie is adorable

So this week we have some exciting news.  Jay has accepted an AmeriCorps position with American Conservation Experience.  He starts this coming Sunday and will be serving as an Assistant Crew Supervisor.  This is a great fit for his skills and interests and will hopefully transition into an ongoing position with a conservation crew.  If that’s the case we will be putting down some roots here in Flagstaff.  It’s too soon to tell if that’s what will happen, but it’s nice to know that might be a possibility.  Congratulations Jay!


Rachel shows off her party trick

This past weekend we had a great time hanging out with Jay’s friend from Phoenix, Sarah and her sister Rachel and nephew Charlie.  We also got to spend time with Jay’s parents who came up to escape the Phoenix heat.  We all did the Flagstaff Ale Trail together on Saturday and had a great time.  Sunday, Cindi and I went on an interpretive hike led by Steve and Lois Hirst.


Jay’s dad Morgan tries to create a new party trick

Volunteering:  Sharon gave a tour of Riordan Mansion on Friday.  Sharon also continued promotion of the 20th Annual Made in the Shade Beer Festival.

Beer of the Week: Well, since we did the Flagstaff Ale Trail again we got a great sampling of local brews.  We love the Maibock at Beaver Street, enjoy the new blends at Mother Road, are happy with pretty much everything Cosmic puts out, and enjoy Flagstaff Brewery’s Blackbird Porter.  Lumberyard disappoints only because they never have their full line up at the tap room to sample.

Something New:  Jay got a job!  To be more specific, he will be serving as an AmeriCorps member for the American Conservation Experience.

Highlight of Being in One Place:  Sharon signed up for summer soccer and had her first game this weekend!


4 responses to “Week 18: Getting Settled

  1. Melinda Bloom

    How exciting that Jay has a job and one he likes and will be good at!!! What is Morgan doing in the picture?

  2. And Charlie IS adorable!

  3. It was one of my happiest weekends in ages!

  4. I’m so proud to have a talented sister and adorable nephew! Congrats Jay! The job sounds fun and really interesting.

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