Week 15: Living at the Overland Expo

Our home at the Expo

This week was a blur as Jay and I worked at the Expo from Wednesday until Sunday (and Jay went back Monday to help clean up).  Our week really was fully consumed by working at the Overland Expo as campground hosts.  Jay’s parents came up from Phoenix for one of the days of the expo, so that was a nice treat.

Monday I went back to my regular job, which is getting busy as we get ready for the next AmeriCorps term.

Volunteering: We both worked all 7 days this week and did not have the opportunity to volunteer except for Sharon’s continued promotion of the 20th Annual Made in the Shade Beer Festival.

Beer of the Week:  A New Belgium Fat Tire in a bottle that was offered to me for free by a three year old at the Expo (she was assisting her father in outreach).  Also, Mother Road was one of the sponsors of the expo and I enjoyed their Twin Arrows Brown Ale on tap.

Something New:  We learned at lot at the Overland Expo this week – Sharon got to drive a Evoque Range Rover on the 4-Wheel driving course!  On Wednesday, Jay gave his first speech at Toastmasters.

Highlight of Being in One Place: Being locals for a large event like the Overland Expo, we had the chance to give out dinner recommendations and directions

Video of the Week:  We didn’t take this video, but it’s a nice look at the Overland Expo



One response to “Week 15: Living at the Overland Expo

  1. Yea Jay on the speech!

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