Photo Review: Overland Expo 2012 #ox12

From Thursday to Sunday, we were living at Mormon Lake as Campground Hosts for the Overland Expo.  Here are some of my favorite photos from the weekend:

Sharon and Jay with Michaela from Meet, Plan, Go

Our home from Thursday to Sunday

I didn’t get a chance to get here much, but there was an awesome Adventure Film Festival

I took this photo on Friday when sustained high winds had toppled many easy ups and tents, but this camper appeared unfazed

One of the many victims of Friday’s high winds

The expo brought together all kinds of campers and travelers including this bus camper who termed his rig the “poor man’s RV”

Lots of great dogs in the campground

If you have ever seen a Honda Element, you get why this is funny

Most campers came Thursday and stayed the whole weekend

There were also a large number of motorcyclists, with a moto village and a riding arena

The camel trophy guys had a skills area where they demonstrated building a bridge and building a raft

The skills area turned out to be a good place for kids to get involved and learn how to tie knots and lash trees together

In this case the kids formed a great team for undoing rope

The bridge was a success!

Now lets see if the little guy can make it…

The little guy made it all the way across but needed a little extra ramp building to get down

The raft took a lot longer to build but was also a success!

they also did other skills courses in this area, including vehicle recovery techniques

The Land Rover guys demonstrated how to right a vehicle

One highlight of the Expo was the driving course

Everyone came out to watch the big trucks take a turn on the driving course

This guy’s rig had the lowest clearance of any of the big trucks, but he still made it with minimal scraping

This little girl loved watching the big trucks. As one truck stopped before making it up the steep hill she said, “he’s almost there… I wonder if he’s afraid of heights”. So cute.

Lots of happy folks on Saturday and Sunday as the weather was beautiful and there was fun stuff to see and do

Sunday, after watching the solar eclipse with everyone at the closing BBQ, we drove away from Mormon Lake towards home with a beautiful sunset


2 responses to “Photo Review: Overland Expo 2012 #ox12

  1. Thank you guys for sharing it with us. We hope to go again next year with more of our usual energy 🙂 It was such an interesting mix of people and technology.

  2. Melinda Bloom

    Thanks for the post – interesting pictures. It looks as though you were very busy with lots of interesting things to do!

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