Overland Expo 2012

Jay at last year’s Expo

It’s time to get excited!  All this week Jay will be out at Mormon Lake helping to set up for the Overland Expo.  If you are new to the word “overlanding” it just describes the broad field of adventure where explorers travel by land.  Most overlanders drive burly vehicles, but there are also off road motorcyclists, touring bicyclists, and folks like us who drive a small vehicle and tent camp.  The Overland Expo is the largest gathering of overlanders and it brings together a truly inspiring group of adventurers.  We look forward to reconnecting with friends we made last year and hearing their stories from the road.

A picture from last year’s Expo

Last year we attend the expo in Amado, Arizona and we are so excited to be part of the team that is bringing the expo to Flagstaff for the first time!  If you come out to the Overland Expo this weekend, be sure to stop in and see us.  We will be the campground hosts and will also be presenting as part of two speaker panels.  If you come for the day it is only $15 and kids under 16 are free.  You can purchase day passes ahead of time or at the gate.

Motorcycle at Overland Expo

A picture from last year’s Expo


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