Sharing a Story: Life on the Road

This post is part of the “Sharing a Story” series where I use a picture to reflect on our year on the road.  Click on the “sharing a story” tag at the bottom of the post to see more of the series.

Seeing our sandwiches in a boots box reminds me of life on the road more than any other picture.  A road trip is filled with beautiful sunsets, starry skies, and breath taking vistas.  In between, you are spilling crumbs on your car seat cushions as you try to pull together a sandwich without getting out of the car because there is a downpour outside.

We developed this boot box storage system in the 2nd half of our journey.  From the passenger’s seat you could barely access the fridge and barely access the non-perishable rubbermaid food box.  After near shoulder dislocation, we stored some snacks and non-perishable lunch fixings in the boots box and had it rest on top of fridge for convenient access.

Having easy to reach snacks on hand saved us from what Brad and Sheena have termed “Hanger”.  This is the special kind of angry that arises when someone (usually a woman) has low blood sugar.  When hanger surfaces in the middle of driving when there are no restaurants for miles and no nice picnic options, a boots box full of nuts, chips, and raisins is a life saver.

Whenever possible, the boots box became a lunch box for transporting our sandwiches to a picnic table overlooking a lake or valley.  Just as often though, we sat in the car, eating silently as we restored perspective through sugar and protein.

Recently Jay met me at my work and we headed outside for a picnic lunch.  He had made sandwiches and brought out the plastic cups for juice.  It felt like a moment of normalcy in an otherwise surreal couple of months.  Maybe if we pull together a picnic lunch and take it out on the lawn in a boots box, we’ll be able to eat peacefully, gather our thoughts, and be ready for where the road is taking us.


2 responses to “Sharing a Story: Life on the Road

  1. Sharon, I love this.

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