Flagstaff Ale Trail

This weekend I had the chance to meet Geoff, one of the creators of the Flagstaff Ale Trail.  As we have written about before, Flagstaff is a craft beer hot spot and there are several breweries and tap houses within an easy walk of each other.  Get a hotel room downtown, acclimate to the high altitude, and you’ll be set for a weekend of tastings!  Well, Jeff capitalized on this unique drinking scene by creating a signature pint glass and paper passport that are sold as a package and then get you discounts at each of the breweries.

I had the chance to hold one of the “silipints” that comes in the passport package.  They are flexible, made of silicon, and unbreakable.  Unbreakable is cool, but it’s even more novel that they bounce (without beer of course)!

The Flagstaff Ale Trail has been hugely successful already.  It feels like it’s always been here.  I think that must be the measure of a great business idea, that people quickly come to recognize the product or service as something that belongs.  How long will it be before Flagstaff can’t imagine itself without an Ale Trail!

When Jay gets home we will have to hit the trail and get our passport stamped.


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