Week 11: Playing with a Little Princess

Laya has an amazing stomach for spinning and it's a favorite game that she plays with her Uncle Jay

This week we had the opportunity to go down to Phoenix for the weekend.  We were both able to work on Friday as I had a meeting in Phoenix and Jay welded a gate.   Meanwhile it was snowing all day on Saturday in Flagstaff.  Some parts of town had a foot of snow accumulate.  As we played tee-ball with our niece in the yard I was very grateful for the diverse climates of Arizona and our opportunity to skip the snow.

Laya was incredibly excited to receive some dress up clothes from her great grandma Millie

I was glad we had the chance to spend the weekend together, because yesterday Jay left for a 10 day volunteer trip into the Grand Canyon with Arizona Fish and Game.  This is an amazing opportunity for him and he is so excited to be able to go on this trip.  That said, we always miss one another when we are apart and this is the longest separation we have had in a few years.

The snow had already mostly melted by the time we drove back to town, but you can see the evidence on the peaks.

Volunteering:  Sharon volunteered as a board operator at Sun Sounds of Arizona (2.5 hours).  Jay left for a 10 day volunteer trip with AZ Fish and Game to count the native Humpback Chub fish in the Little Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.

Friday after work I got to ride at a new-to-me park in Phoenix

Beer of the Week:  New Belgium’s Abbey Ale – we rediscovered this old favorite of ours.  Jay also enjoyed Phoenix Ale’s Camelback IPA when we were in Phoenix.

Something New:  Yesterday Jay had the opportunity to ride in a helicopter for the first time.  The helicopter went from Cameron, Arizona and then landed in the Grand Canyon near the confluence of the Colorado River and the Little Colorado River to drop him off for a volunteer project.

Highlight of Being in One Place: We really enjoy being close to family (it’s so challenging that our families live 2,000 miles apart so we can’t be close to both at once!).  We were able to celebrate Jay’s brother’s first wedding anniversary with his family.


The hummingbirds were very active in the desert and I had a chance to photograph several of them.


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