Week 10: Staying Busy


Jay spent most of this week in the rugged beautiful Toroweap campground on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  He returned home Saturday and has just enough time to do some local volunteer work and welding projects before heading back out.  His next trip will be with Arizona Fish and Game, counting native fish in the Little Colorado River (which is a side canyon to the Grand Canyon).

Looking down at Toroweap campsite

Sharon has been staying busy in Flagstaff, entering an art show, mountain biking, volunteering at Riordan and Sun Sounds, and planning for trips in June.  In the few days that we get to spend together we are planning our wedding ceremony, attending Toastmasters meetings, and going to the climbing gym.  Good times.

As seen on Sharon's walk home from work this week; the wind became fierce as temperatures dropped rapidly from the high 60's to the 40's with a chance of snow

Volunteering:  Jay participated in a Grand Canyon National Park Vegetation Program trip to Toroweap.  He pulled invasive weeds and helped in the campground (32 hours).  Jay also volunteered two days at Riordan cleaning and fixing things around the house (8 hours).  Sharon gave tours at Riordan on Friday and Sunday (4 hours).  She also attended a Sun Sounds Beer festival planning meeting (1 hour).

Beer of the Week:  Anderson Valley Winter Solstice, which Sharon got to enjoy on tap for the first time at the new craft beer bar in town, Hops on Birch.

Something New:  Sharon was excited to find out that her photographs have been accepted into the Small Wonders juried art show at the Artists Gallery downtown.  They will be on display in the window next month.

Highlight of Being in One Place:  Even though we have been here more than 2 months already we are still running into folks we haven’t seen since we left town in 2008.  It’s so fun to renew friendships and catch up.


4 responses to “Week 10: Staying Busy

  1. So nice to find out what you’ve been up to since I haven’t seen you! Thanks to Jay for working on the fence at Riordan!! (There’s a new craft beer bar?!!??)

  2. Congrats on making it into the juried art show!

  3. Congratulations on your photography making the cut into the show!

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