Week 8: Here Comes Spring


Things are about to really get busy for us.  Luckily, the increase in activity is corresponding with an increase in health for both of us.  Finally feeling 100% we are jumping into the busiest time of the year.  This past weekend we celebrated Jay’s birthday at our favorite local brewery, Mother Road and then also got to surprise our friend James’ in celebration of his birthday.  We went back to the climbing gym and Jay has been getting some biking in.  As shown in the picture above, we’ve also had the chance to spend time cooking at home and preparing healthy meals for the week.

This coming weekend will be filled with biking and trail work in Sedona as we have the opportunity to participate in an IMBA trail care crew visit there.

Volunteering:  Sharon volunteered on Sunday giving tours at Riordan Mansion (4 hours).

Beer of the Week:  Mother Road’s Twin Arrows Brown Ale

Something New:  This week Jay and I are joining the local Toastmasters Club to working on our public speaking skills.

Highlight of Being in One Place:  Planning ahead.  We have a very full calendar for the spring and lots of great local events to look forward to.


One response to “Week 8: Here Comes Spring

  1. I am really excited that you are joining Toastmasters. What you learn there will help you in all aspects of your lives!! Go get ’em!!

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