Happy Birthday Jay

Jay turns 29 today!  I’m so glad that he was born 29 years ago and that I get to celebrate with him today.



10 responses to “Happy Birthday Jay

  1. Happy birthday, Jay! This will be a truly excellent year!

  2. Happy Birthday dear Jay!

  3. Happy birthday, Jay! Best wishes for a great year 🙂

  4. Happy birthday Jay! Glad you guys are doing so well. Falls Church misses you!

  5. Happy Birthday son! Next year you get 30 and I get 60! Hopefully we can do a ski and bike day.

  6. Hi Jay, Best wishes for a very happy birthday! And many, many more!!!

  7. Happy Birthday, Jay! It was great to meet, ride and hang out with you last year. I’m sure that this year will be great one, if for only one reason… (Hi Sharon!)


  8. Thanks every one. I had a good day skiing at the Arizona Snow Bowl. They give a free pass on your birthday. Probably one of the last days of decent conditions of the season. Its turning to slush and mud fast now.

  9. Jay, I really, truly can’t believe you’re 29. It doesn’t seem that long ago to me that you and Nate were little boys! It sounds like you had a very happy birthday and I’m glad to hear it.

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