Week 7: Please Visit, But Check the Weather

Before the snow we had sunny warm days and I commuted by bicycle around town

The highlight of this week was getting a visit from my life long friend Rachel, who came to see us from Las Vegas with her husband and their almost 2 year old daughter, Monica.  Unfortunately, I was fighting and losing to a cold and there was a major winter storm, but other than that it was fabulous!  But seriously, when it’s 80 degrees in Las Vegas, 4 hours away, it’s really hard to believe that it can snow 18 inches in Flagstaff over the weekend.  They came into town Friday night as the wind was beginning to pick up and the temperature was dropping.  Saturday we enjoyed some time downtown and at Thorpe Park while the sky was still clear.  By that night there was a cold rain and overnight the rain turned to snow.  Snow, snow, and more snow.  The highways in all directions were closed Sunday morning.  Rachel and Luke had to wait and see, hoping for great plowing and no accidents.  Thanks to twitter we could follow the latest highway news, and were able to know when the highway had reopened.  Rachel and Luke made it safely back to the desert, where soon they will start complaining about the heat again I’m sure.  Next time we plan to visit them!

Rachel and Luke's daughter Monica

The snow cancelled my work on Monday and I stayed home to rest and recover from a cold

Volunteering:  Jay and Sharon volunteered with AmeriCorps Espirit de Corps Event at Riordan Mansion, picking up trash and raking pine needles (2 hours).  Jay also cleared snow at Riordan Mansion (3 hours).

Beer of the Week: Cosmic’s Irish Red

Something New:  I tried corned beef (which I don’t remember having had before) twice in two days!

Highlight of Being in One Place:  Having people visit you instead of the other way around!

Product of the week: 

Video of the Week:
Jay and Nate riding Black Canyon Trail north of Phoenix:

One response to “Week 7: Please Visit, But Check the Weather

  1. Wow, those cacti sure are close to the trail!
    I’m glad that Rachel, Luke and Monica made the effort to visit you and that they got home safely.

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