Week 6: A Long Weekend of Family and Fancy Fabrics

A vireo perches on a cactus in the park right behind Jay's parents house

This was a busy week!  We headed down to Phoenix for a long weekend in order to celebrate Jay’s dad’s award (Master of the Southwest) and to go wedding dress shopping with Sharon’s mom who flew in from Virginia.  Jay got to ride mountain bikes with his brother as I went with my mom and Jay’s mom to several different shops and tried on a couple dozen dresses.  I finally found a fabulous dress and was able to relax and enjoy playing with my niece Laya and enjoying the beautiful weather.  The weekend was a bit tiring, but it was a really special opportunity to be with family.

Morgan Holt accepting Master of the Southwest award

Morgan Holt accepting Master of the Southwest award

Now we are back in Flagstaff enjoying unseasonably nice weather.  Unfortunately Jay has a sinus infection and has spent most of the last two days in bed.  Hopefully he will be back to full health soon in time to spend this weekend with our friends Rachel and Luke and their daughter Monica who are coming to visit.

Sharon enjoying a mimosa after finding the perfect dress

We celebrated three Holt birthdays; it wasn't Laya's birthday, but she loved the ice cream cake!

Volunteering:  Sharon is volunteering tonight for Sun Sounds of Arizona (2.5 hrs).

Beer of the Week: Deschutes Black Butte Porter

Something New:  Sharon entered the wedding dress world, shopping at five stores with her mom and finally finding a gorgeous gown at the last shop.

Highlight of Being in One Place:  Being there for family.  Jay’s dad was recognized Thursday night as a Master of the Southwest and we got to celebrate with him.

Product of the week: 

Video of the Week:
Video of Jay and his brother Nate riding Telegraph Pass in South Mountain Park

5 responses to “Week 6: A Long Weekend of Family and Fancy Fabrics

  1. Jay I hope you bounce back quickly. I didn’t see this coming. So sorry.
    Thank you guys for the birthday cake, my favorite.

  2. What great pictures of Morgan, Sharon and Laya. Jay, the video makes that ride look painful, but what do I know! So sorry about your sinus infection. I was so surprised that you didn’t have more of them when you lived on the East Coast. So many people are really bothered by allergies here.

  3. Jay you should have been there for the AMAZING Michaux ride we did on Saturday. Hands down one of the best rides of my life. Check out my fb for some videos.

  4. Laya isn’t a baby anymore!

  5. ANNE-Woo hoo, go Jay.

    Oh la la, Sharon!!!

    Love you guys.

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