A Great Deal on Bacon

Our local Bashas grocery store here in Flagstaff has some outstanding bacon with a great price. It’s apple wood smoked, big thick slices and not center cut.    This bacon is also very cheap at 4.99 a pound;  Not a sale price just the everyday price. It is found at the butcher counter. It would be even better if it were sliced to order so a whole slab could be had for recipes but they get it already sliced.

This bacon is also available as ordinary cured, but the apple wood smoked has a wonderful flavor. You can smell the smokey aroma as soon as its unwrapped. This bacon is really good just all by itself as breakfast slices.  Also very good as a burger topper because of the nice smoke flavor. The quality and low price make this one of my all time favorites.


One response to “A Great Deal on Bacon

  1. I’ve got to say, that is a nice looking bacon!

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