Favorite Trails: Mountain Biking in Sedona

sharon in sedona

Here’s a crazy concept …  riding a trail more than once!  I think part of why I lack confidence in my riding is that I am almost always riding a trail for the first time.  On the road we would even help build trails and never get to ride them, much less come back and ride them again.

sharon biking in sedona

Well, on Sunday we headed back to Sedona and back to the loop that we rode a month ago.  Guess what?  I rode better and faster!  It shouldn’t be a big surprise since it is so much easier to get off the brakes and keep pedaling when you have a vague sense of what’s around the next corner.

sharon biking in sedona

It was such a beautiful day to be riding and we felt so lucky to have this mountain biking destination only a short drive away.  Now we are getting excited for the Flagstaff trails to dry out and become rideable again.  Jay was able to get on singletrack in Flagstaff for the first time yesterday on the dusty southside of Mount Elden.  Hopefully he can take a helmet cam video of the riding there and share it with our readers soon.

trail in sedona

How are the trails where you live?  Anyone out riding yet?  Any beginner/intermediate riders in Sedona have a recommendation for me?

sharon riding in sedona


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