My First Art Show


The large painting in the middle was done by Robert Dyer, all of the photos on the brown wall are mine.

“She’s the artist”.  I overheard that a few times Friday night and smiled every time.  On Friday evening I had the opportunity to show my photography to the general public for the first time.  Actually, since I use a digital camera this was one of the first times I had even had prints made and framed them.  It was a really uplifting experience to see my work up on the wall and to speak to people in the community about it.  Since all of the photos were from our trip, it was also a great way to start a conversation about travel and volunteering.

The photos will stay up for the rest of the month at the Friends of Flagstaff’s Future office, above Flagstaff Brewery, 16 E. Route 66, Suite 204.  They are open on weekday afternoons.  You can call and check if the office is open: 928-556-8663.


The photos after I matted and/or framed them.

I ended up putting 19 pieces into the show, which was titled “Visions of Grand Canyon and the southwest”.  Friends of Flagstaff’s Future is a great local organization involved in community change.  If I sell any of my work there, they will receive 10% of the proceeds.  I’m glad to have my work associated with their office and really enjoyed getting to know their staff member, Cynthia (a fellow AmeriCorps Alum).


I displayed 19 pieces on two walls and one table so it was hard to get a picture of everything.

We had a good crowd for a cold evening (it was below freezing and windy outside).  The office was small and for a few hours we were nicely crowded.  I spoke to other photographers, a native american man who had explored Canyon de Chelly and was very interested in my Spider Rock photo, and other travelers who enjoyed the story of our road trip.  At the end of the evening we were treated to a visit by a large wolf!  Friends of Flagstaff’s Future is supporting the Wolf Recovery Project and we got to meet the man behind the wolf outfit as he stopped in for a snack.


I decided to frame some pieces, only mat others, and mounted a few pieces on foam core. This allows me to offer a range of price points and see what folks are most interested in.

I would like to thank two people who really supported me in this effort.  April Saylor is my new coworker who is also a photographer and works at a gallery downtown.  She gave me feedback and helped me determine how to price my work.  Jay was also incredibly supportive, encouraging me, helping me get the show set up, and staying with me throughout the art walk.  Thank you both!


5 responses to “My First Art Show

  1. Way to go, Sharon!! Your pictures are beautiful 🙂

  2. Congratulations, Sharon! What a great opportunity to share your photographs and talk about your travels.


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  4. Congratulations, Sharon! I love that you overheard people saying, “She’s the artist.” How cool is that!?

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