Week 4: Getting Involved

Art at the silent auction at the Wing Ding fundraiser we volunteered with

This week we finally settled in and had a normal active interesting week in Flagstaff.  It felt good to start to get involved in the community, run into old friends, and make plans for the month ahead.  This is what I imagined when I laid in the tent at 8 pm with nothing to do in some random part of nowhere, USA.

This week we also had snow.  I just thought I would mention that since many of you may not have realized there are places in Arizona that get a LOT of snow, and we just moved to one of them.  Flagstaff is at 7,000 feet and we actually get more snow then most cities in the US.

Volunteering:  We both volunteered at Riordan Mansion Historic Park (4 hours combined) and then attended the volunteer potluck there.  We also volunteered at the Wing Ding Fundraiser benefiting the Whale Foundation.

Beer of the Week:  We picked up one of our Arizona favorites, Nimbus’ Old Monkeyshine English Style Ale from the grocery store.

Something New:  This Sunday Jay and I hit the local rock climbing gym for the first time.  I used to climb 10 years ago and Jay has done a little climbing too, but neither of us had visited Vertical Relief.  It was a great way to spend time together and we look forward to using the rest of our 10 visit pass!

Highlight of Being in One Place:  Being able to make plans and commitments further out than a week.  Perhaps even plans for other people to come visit you instead of vice versa!

Product of the week:


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