Week 3: The Shoulder Season

Flagstaff Urban Trail

The urban trail that I take to work

There is not too much to say about the week that was because I was sick for most of it.  Luckily I am fully recovered now and life is beginning to get up to speed.  Jay has been frustrated by the fact that it is the shoulder season in Flagstaff.  The trails are mucky and unrideable and the skiing is just winding down.  We look forward to spring!

Volunteering:  Sharon was supposed to volunteer at the StartingBloc Institute, but was sick and had to cancel.

Beer of the Week:  Tuesday we stopped into the Mother Road Brewing Company to taste their newest beer, the Pedaler Porter.  Jay was a fan, I thought it was only so so.

Something New:  We attended the first offering of the Supper Club, a dinner featuring local seasonal food.  It was delicious.

Highlight of Being in One Place:  Well, a highlight of our current apartment is having not only our own bathroom but having it attached to the bedroom.  Having to leave the comfort of my sleeping bag to go out in the cold to pee behind a tree is one thing I do not miss from being on the road.

Product of the week:

Scenic magnet
Scenic Magnet by ServiceDriven

Video of the week:


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