2nd Week in Review: Lacking Workplace Germ Immunity

dew downton

not the greatest photo since my finger was blocking part, but you get the idea of snowboarders in an urban snowboard festival...

Well, this post is late because I spent most of the week laying in bed sipping on cough syrup and having confused fevered thoughts.  After only one week of full time work, I was out of work, sick with a virus.  Yep, turns out that a year in the woods and on the road does not prepare you for the challenges of the office environment.  I really enjoy my new job, but I am struggling with those familiar and unhealthy behaviors of sitting, typing, and being inside for eight hours at a time.  Hopefully once I’m healthy again and back to work I can find some creative solutions to these common challenges.

Volunteering:  Sharon attended training on interpretation at Riordan Mansion State Historic Park.  Jay attended a city council meeting where they were speaking to elected officials from the state about protecting Picture Canyon.

Beer of the Week:  Last Saturday before I got sick Jay and I attended the Brew Ha Ha, a beer tasting event that benefited Habitat for Humanity.  Our favorite beers of the event were the Stone Imperial Russian Stout, San Tan’s Sex Panther Double Chocolate Porter, and Big Sky’s Bobo’s Robust Porter.

Something New:  Jay and I checked out the Dew Downtown, which was a new urban skiing and snowboarding festival where they covered the street in straw and snow and then built obstacles for the contestants to ski or board over.  It was pretty interesting.

Highlight of Being in One Place:  Being able to be sick in your own bed.  I did not get sick very often on the road, but it always frightened me to be sick and traveling, not knowing where you could find a safe and decent place to rest and recover.

Product of the week:

Video of the week:


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