Sedona Trails

Last Thursday I went to Sedona and met up with my brother Nate for some Sedona mountain bike action. We were looking for a challenging ride with lots of cool Sedona features and decided on riding Highline. Highline is an advanced trail that goes up around Cathedral rock up high.

We started our ride at the Bike and Bean and while Nate was pounding an espresso shot and I was looking at the map a guy named Clayton said he was heading that same way. With that, the three of us rolled out and started by climbing the shade trails to get to Highline. From here Highline climbs and then the fun starts.

Highline rewarded us with great views and single track. Its really a rather varied trail with narrow exposed stuff perched on the edge, wide open slick rock and some fast rolling single track straight a ways.  I now have a lot more video editing capabilities so the the two clips above have all the boring stuff trimmed out for your viewing pleasure. After Highline we road Baldwin Trail along Buda Beach.

I was pleased that since moving away from the East I have not forgotten how to ride a log.  We then rode out to the Chicken Head Point and did Broken Arrow trail and some of the Hog trails. Below is another short clip I made mostly to highlight the scenery which is of course great.

And some more footage of us riding Broken Arrow nice and fast. From there we finished out the ride with Mystic and Llama back to the Bike and Bean. It was great to meet a total stranger and meet up for a ride. All and all another great day on the bike.


3 responses to “Sedona Trails

  1. Wow, great videos, Jay! I didn’t have any sound until the last one. Was that me or did you post them that way? What was the temperature? How nice that you and Nate get to ride again.

    • Thanks I also think I getting better at making videos. Next thing will be to get a polarizing filter. This will cut the glare. It was a very nice warm day probably in the 70s. I did post them with out the sound because it was some what garbled and there may have been some adult language at some point and it makes for smaller files.These video files are 1280 x960 pixels at 48 frames per second so uploading them takes a while.

  2. Looks awesome… Just awesome. I keep hearing such great things about Arizona from people. Maybe Juli and I should come visit for Spring Break =P

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