Oak Creek Brewery, Sedona, AZ


While riding in Sedona, Sharon and I thought it would be a good idea to visit the local brewery after our ride.  I am glad I didn’t judge this brewery by its bottles.  Going back a few months, I bought Oak Creek Nut Brown Ale in bottles and discovered that their bottling process is not good.  Out of a six pack, two were flat and one tasted terrible. Thankfully the beer fresh out of the tap at the brewery is nothing like that experience.


Sharon really enjoyed trying there winter warmer which I also found tasty. It’s yet another high alcohol beer that does not taste boozy. I also enjoyed tasting their IPA, which was a great example of a beer conforming to a style well.


In the picture above I am enjoying the porter.  This porter had great dark roast flavor with a strong coffee taste.  Of course in the end we filled the growler with the crowd pleasing beer that put this brewery on the map, the Nut Brown Ale (pictured above in the glass on the table).  It’s really terrific and I am so glad I didn’t let a few bad bottles put me off of it.  (Yes, the bad bottle incidents happened with more than one six pack from more than one store).  If you get the chance to have this beer out of a keg don’t miss it. I will still pass on bottles however.


The Nut Brown Ale from our growler was rich, smooth and offered a complex flavor.


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