1st Week in Review: Life Off the Road

jay and sharon's bikes in sedona

The start of our loop, unloading at the parking area

First off, thank you all for continuing to read the blog and for showing your support in the comments encouraging us to keep writing even now that we have settled in Flagstaff for six months.  We’ve been officially off the road for exactly a week now.  Today is my fifth full day of work.  Jay has spent the week getting leads on volunteer and paid work options.  I am amazed by how time feels different when you are off the road.  On the road every day stands on its own with its own joys and challenges.  Since we moved almost every day on the road there was a rhythm to get up, setting up the stove for coffee (or finding our way around a friend’s coffee pot), making breakfast, doing yoga, taking photographs of the birds as they awoke for the day, doing dishes, packing up the kitchen and bedroom (tent), and figuring out what we would do and where we would go.  Of course when we got to our destination for the day it was time to unpack and set up again.  This rhythm made each day seem longer and more full.  Now a whole week has gone by and I can’t easily separate out the days in my mind.

moving in

Moving into our new bedroom

The good news is that work has exceeded my expectations.  My actual work space is nice, with a brand new computer, a big window, and the ability to park my bike in my office.  It’s also only 1.75 miles from our apartment, so I have been walking or biking to work everyday.  I will write another post about where I work and what I do there, but for now it’s just good to know that I am working for the community in the service field, surrounded by staff and volunteers who are passionate about doing good.

Sharon enjoying beer on the patio at Oak Creek Brewery in Sedona

Sharon enjoying beer on the patio at Oak Creek Brewery in Sedona after our mountain bike ride

So, since this is week one of life off the road, we are experimenting with a new weekly review.  Any suggestions for what we should report back on every week? Here’s what we’ve got for now:

Volunteering:  Jay and I both signed up as volunteers for Riordan Mansion State Historic Park and shadowed a tour.  Sharon continued in her role as a mentor for a StartingBloc team.  Jay put the word out around town that he is looking for opportunities to get involved.

Beer of the Week:  Oak Creek Nut Brown Ale – the Oak Creek Winter Warmer was also delicious

Something New:  Sharon biked in Sedona for the first time.  Jay got parts and has been working on getting our mini fridge converted so that we can plug it in inside.

Highlight of Being in One Place:  Not needing to unpack and repack our kitchen and bedroom everyday.

Product of the week:

Video of the week: Jay skiiing at PowderHorn with his dad and Pat Kennedy


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