Going Back to Work After a Career Break

Sharon volunteering at Fresh Start Treasures

An earlier picture of me that looks similar to how I will look today headed to my first day on the job.

On the bad moments on the road, Jay and I would say that instead of feeling like we were on the adventure of our lifetimes, we just felt homeless and unemployed.  Well, this week, in only one week we went from a life on the road with vague ideas of where we would be the following month, to sleeping in our own bedroom and getting dressed in blazer and nice shoes for a day at the office.  The fears associated with being homeless and unemployed are gone.  They have been replaced by new anxieties about the world of work and living in community.

So now, on most days I feel incredibly lucky and fortunate for my new life.  I can’t wait to get involved in the community; make a commitment that lasts longer than a week.  I’m looking forward to baking and cooking in a real kitchen.  With all the time I’ll save in not having to plan where our next campsite or volunteer opportunity will be, I can read and write and volunteer.  At work, I’m excited to see how I may be able to fit into the team and really make a difference.

And in the down moments of stable life I worry about the new job not meeting my expectations, or that I will not meet their expectations as a team member.  I worry about gaining weight again as I go back to sitting for long periods everyday.  And I know that I will miss all of the time I used to have with Jay.  For a year we were almost always within speaking distance of one another and now we will be doing separate things in separate places.  I mourn the loss of freedom that comes with the open road.  The freedom to change course midstream and follow good weather and opportunity.

Time to get ready to go to work, thanks for all the warm wishes as we go through this transition.


4 responses to “Going Back to Work After a Career Break

  1. Thinking of you and hope everything goes well with your new job. Hope you like your new place!

  2. make sure to save one night as date night!

  3. congratulations, Sharon ~ spending less and less time on FB, so glad to read Service-Driven! I absolutely relate to the readjustment; going through a lot of that myself for different reasons!

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