A Year on the Road: and it’s over…

Pulling out of the driveway of our old house

One year ago we were cramming everything we thought we needed into our Rav4 and pulling out of the driveway to start our new life.  Today we are cramming everything we think we need into our Rav4 and driving to our new semi stable housing in Flagstaff, Arizona.  In 2008 we left our home in Flagstaff to moved across the country to northern Virginia.  I drove one car with my mom and our cat.  We made the drive in four days.  Jay followed in the second car with his brother for a week long road trip.  So we basically just made our way back, but this time it took us a year.  If I have learned anything this year, it is that some places have the power to pull you back or to keep you there.


unpacking at our new home

Tomorrow I start a full time job.  What’s so special about this job?  It is with an organization I already know, doing meaningful work that I am good at, and I will be working for someone I know and respect.  If I have learned anything this year, it is that finding both a place to live that suits you as well as meaningful work that pays the bills is very difficult.  When I got such a job offer in Flagstaff, I had to take it seriously.

So what’s next?  Well, we say semi-stable housing, because this job is a temporary position.  The position ends at the end of June at which time we hope to be chosen as the next IMBA Trail Care Crew.  As an IMBA Trail Care Crew we would go back to a life on the road for two years, traveling, biking, volunteering, and blogging.  For the next 6 months we’ll be in one place, biking, volunteering, visiting local breweries, and taking photographs.  Should we keep up this blog?  Should we start a different blog?  Should we change the approach to what we write about here?  Please let us know what you think in the comments.

Product of the Week:

Video of the Week:

This video, produced by Nina Tisara shows the new wedding venue that I picked out while I was in Virginia.

Next week we’ll do some total numbers and summary from our year on the road, but for now here are the regular weekly stats:

Hours volunteered:  Sharon volunteered as a Starting Bloc mentor (4 hours)

States: 3 – Arizona, Virginia (Sharon), and Colorado (Jay)

Budget: over

People Visited: Cindi and Morgan Holt, Nate, Nicole, & Laya Holt,

Jay: Pat & Cindy Kennedy, Steve Hendrickson

Sharon:  Melinda Bloom and John Tewksbury, Kelly Pugh, Terri Defazio & Phil Jordan, Dan Bloom, Steve Bloom, Hadyn & Soren Kihm, Stephanie & Natalia Kihm, Anne Bloom, Madelon Bloom & Chris Kihm, Mariel Tewksbury & Nathan Norton, Mariana Balgurevich, Salandra Fleming, ShaShauna Littlejohn, Marlene Mouanga, Tiffany Kudravetz, Kelly Corbally, Lisa Dorsey

Nights under the stars: 0

Best meal:  Jay: Beef tri tip made by Morgan Holt;  Sharon: Chicken Fajitas at Guapos

Best beer:  Starr Hill’s The Gift (Sharon) & Breckenridge Brewery’s Oatmeal Stout (Jay)


12 responses to “A Year on the Road: and it’s over…

  1. Keep up the blog! You will still be volunteering and biking and trying new breweries and seeing beautiful scenery and birds!!! Please!!!

  2. Yes, Please keep blogging!! (I’m so glad you landed in Flag!!!)

  3. If you are taking pictures… then you should post and write about them! I enjoy reading about it all. Having Jay film and shoot some trails in Flag, then write about them is excellent as well. Hope you enjoy Flag again and make as many frenz as possible.

  4. Good luck with your new life. Nearly 40 years ago I pulled up roots
    in central Illinois, and moved to Colorado. Except for 1 friend who
    joined me I left behind all that was secure, safe and familiar. I haven’t
    regretted the move for one minute. Look at your new life as an opportunity, not an obstacle. Keep up your blog – just change the focus.
    If you need a TCC reference I can write one.

  5. Looking forward to the year-in-review recap post! I think you should keep up with this same blog and then when you and Jay (hopefully!) get the IMBA job, you can just pick back up on the road trip part of it.

  6. Hey I’m in Flagstaff again too! Drop me an email or something…we should plan a lunch, brunch, hike, whatever!

  7. I really see this as a longer stop on your road trip adventure rather than a permanent move – so yes, we love to see your pics and adventures which will continue especially in beautiful northern Arizona.

  8. I’d miss knowing what you two are up to in the city that was formerly my home, especially since I don’t get up to Flag hardly at all! So write on! because what the heck, it’s all about me knowing what’s going on, LOL

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