51st Week in Review: Heading In Opposite Directions

laya painting

Our niece Laya learning to finger paint

As regular readers know, Jay and I got engaged last spring and have been in a very slow wedding planning process ever since.  Planning a wedding while also planning where to set up the tent every night and where we can volunteer is not easy (though from what I can tell, wedding planning is never easy, even if you elope).  Well, this week we had some wedding planning challenges, so we came back to Phoenix to regroup and now I am flying back to Virginia to do some in person planning (and visit family and friends of course).  Jay jumped at this plan because it comes with the opportunity for him to join his dad on a trip to Grand Junction, Colorado to go skiing.  Jay hasn’t been skiing in over a year and he is so excited.  I haven’t been home since August so I am also incredibly excited.  Win win!

Jay painting with Laya

Jay was in charge of the paint, he would ask Laya which color and where and how much, I think Laya liked picking colors as much as actually painting

Product of the Week:

Video of the Week: view below or click HERE to view on YouTube

Hours volunteered:  Sharon volunteered as a StartingBloc mentor (5 hours), Sharon volunteered as a Guest Guide at Project Connect (3 hours)

States: 3 – Arizona, Virginia (Sharon), and Colorado (Jay)

Budget: I got my final paycheck from UPS this week, so I think we actually came out even

People Visited: Cindi and Morgan Holt, Nate, Nicole, & Laya Holt, Melinda Bloom and John Tewksbury

Nights under the stars: 0

Best meal: Family dinner with the Holts, featuring cedar plank salmon, popovers, corn stuffing, green beans, and salad

Best beer: thanks to Matt who pestered us into buying the Anderson Valley Winter Solstice.  I really, really liked it and Jay just regular liked it.  We also got to visit the Phoenix Ale Brewery, which was great.


One response to “51st Week in Review: Heading In Opposite Directions

  1. Glad you guys liked the Winter Solstice. Everyone here has been really enjoying it too.

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