Mountain Bike Review: AZ Trail to Kentucky Camp

I have been hearing about the southern reaches of the Arizona Trail and how great they are from a lot of the people I have been riding with for some time. In particular everyone really seems to like the bit around Kentucky Camp. Since Sharon and I have been exploring southern Arizona, I finally got the chance to sample some of the trail for myself. We camped off of Gardner Canyon road and I went from the Gardner Canyon trailhead to just a little bit past Kentucky Camp.

Kentucky Camp old hotel

The Outside of the old Hotel/Mining head quarters

Kentucky Camp is a historic district that now includes a hotel. Much of the ambitious mining operation never actually came to bear, but the ghost town left behind is still well preserved.

This is the front room of the old hotel

Ok, now back to the real reason you’re here and why I am writing, the Arizona Trail (AZT). This segment of the AZT is not exactly technical, however its not even close  to all smooth and buffed beginner friendly single track. Some of it follows the old water line and flume from the mining times and some of it is on an old road. The rest is mostly bench cut single track with a switch back here and there.

The following clips show the highlights of the ride. Part 2 and Part 4 are my two favorite bits of the trail. It’s also worth noting that the scenery out here is awesome. The Santa Rita Mountains even had a dusting of snow.

Part 2

Part 4

Part 3


One response to “Mountain Bike Review: AZ Trail to Kentucky Camp

  1. Yes, Jay’s description nails it, and the video brings back great memories, all the babyheads excluded.

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