50th Week in Review: New Friends, New Hobbies, and New Favorite Places

sharon trying to be a caver

Sharon trying out the fake cave at Kartchner Caverns

This was a great week, we really embraced being on the road and experiencing new places, people, and activities.  The week started with us driving up a nasty dirt road to camp for free just south of Kartchner Caverns State Park.  We watched the sunset over a grove of Ocotillos with the Dragoon Mountains in the distance.  The week ended with us camping out (for free) on the other side of those Dragoons, in the Cochise Stronghold campground.  In between, we had toured the caverns, did a wine tasting in Elgin, went bike packing along the San Pedro River, couch surfed in Bisbee, toured an underground mine, visited a brewery, watched thousands of sand hill cranes in the Whitewater Draw wildlife area, drove through a border patrol checkpoint without crossing the border, and reconnected with a long lost second cousin.

Sharon and Jay at copper queen mine

Ready for our tour of the Queen Mine in Bisbee

A real delight this week was staying with Melanie (our couch surfing host) in Bisbee.  Neither Jay nor I had ever been to Bisbee, and we really enjoyed the town.  It is a place that we could see ourselves living at some point if we ever had the opportunity.  Melanie was an amazing host, starting Friday off with a dinner party where we got to meet a couple of local artists, some friends visiting from Alaska, and Melanie’s new neighbor.  Saturday, after Melanie cook us a delicious breakfast, we headed out to tour the mine and then met up with our friends from Phoenix, Dan and Lisa who were in town to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary.  We really enjoyed visiting the brewery, bicycle brothel, and galleries with them.  Melanie sent us on our way Sunday morning with another delicious breakfast and some Alaskan salmon for the road!

occupy bisbee

Occupy Bisbee

Product of the Week:


Video of the Week:


Hours volunteered:  Sharon volunteered as a StartingBloc mentor (3 hours)

States: 1 – Arizona: Kartchner Caverns, Elgin, Sierra Vista, Bisbee, Dragoon, Tucson, Phoenix

Budget: Still living off of Christmas / Birthday gift cards and generosity

People Visited: Melanie Greene, Dan and Lisa Friedman, Jim Hays

Nights under the stars: 4, Coronado National Forest, San Pedro Conservation Area, Cochise Stronghold

Best meal: pretty much everything Melanie cooked!

Best beer: Old Bisbee Brewing Company’s Royal Stout 


2 responses to “50th Week in Review: New Friends, New Hobbies, and New Favorite Places

  1. Hi – I hope you’ll have more detailed posts about all these wonderful sounding places – Bisbee, the mine, views from your campgrounds, etc.

    Please tell Melanie that we will be happy to return her hospitality if she would like to come to the Washington DC area.

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