Photo Review: Coronado National Forest

For the last week we have been exploring southern Arizona.  We spent two nights camping in two different sections of the Coronado Forest and also enjoyed hiking and biking on the Arizona Trail near Kentucky Camp.  I believe that these areas are Chihuahaun Desert.  Here are some photos from the area.

view of the Santa Ritas from AZ trail


view from AZ trail

cactus with vine

view towards tombstone

vine twisted around tree in desert

view of Whetstone Mountains at sunrise

view from AZ trail

santa rita mountains at sunrise

alligator juniper


7 responses to “Photo Review: Coronado National Forest

  1. I love this desert zone. Grass lands with Live Oaks like California, mixed with Ocotillo and other tough tough cactus material. I hope you can see it in the spring with green grass and flowers going off everywhere.

  2. These are really beautiful photos.

  3. Looks like from your post and photos you found the area I suggested in my email. It’s certainly different than the Sonoran desert, but still very
    beautiful. The Kentucky camp singletrack is great!

  4. Lovely photos. Many hands have made this trail and will continue to keep it great. Definitely hook up with a trail crew for a day of work. Check out to find and event. And it is the Sonoran desert!

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