49th Week in Review: southern Arizona

This week was our first full week on the road in over a month.  It is interesting to see both how quickly we remember how to work together as well as how quickly the challenges of life on the road present themselves.  Our tent still feels like our own little bit of home, and at the same time we are still strengthened by staying in the homes of family and friends.  The road is still the road, we are just getting more used to it.

Jay and campsite in Ironwood Forest National Monument

Our first sunrise back on the road at our campsite in Ironwood Forest National Monument

Being back on the road we are also following other road trippers we know more closely.  Jay’s long time friend Sheena and her husband Brad just started their around-the-world road trip.  We crossed paths (but never met up!) as they headed from Phoenix into Mexico and now into Baja California in their VW van.

Our new friends, Wendy and Jim, who we stayed with in Colorado are on the road in their own around-the-world adventure.  Unfortunately they are currently in Orange County seeking medical attention before they continue since Jim has been struggling with kidney stones.

We have also been following Ayo and Yair, who we have never met as they enjoy southern California.  Ayo and Yair are modern nomads, and young ones at that.  We hope to meet them as our paths will probably cross when we head to California next week.

 Product of the Week:


Video of the Week:


Hours volunteered:  Sharon attended an online volunteer training for StartingBloc (1.5 hours), Jay assisted Lee Blackwell in surveying a possible re-route of the Arizona Trail in the Coronado National Forest (8 hours), Sharon and Jay volunteered for Trips for Kids in Tucson (5 hours, combined).

States: 1 – Arizona: Tucson, Tubac, Nogales, Patagonia, Sonoita

Budget: Between the Blackwell’s generosity and our Christmas money, we are doing well with staying under budget.

People Visited: Lee & Joan Blackwell

Nights under the stars: 4 – Ironwood Forest National Monument, Tucson Mountain Park, and Coronado National Monument

Best meal: Enchiladas at the Blackwell’s

Best beer: Nimbus Brewing’s blend of Oatmeal Stout and Monkeyshine Ale

volunteer at az sonoran desert museum

We enjoyed visiting the Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum and are thankful to their large dedicated staff of volunteers


10 responses to “49th Week in Review: southern Arizona

  1. Somehow when I click the image for the ride nothing happens. Might me nice if that was an inbeded link in the email version! Glad you liked Tubac!

  2. I had the same problem that Morgan did, but saw it just fine here. However, I have had problems before getting the video to run, but it ran later OK. Is that significant?
    Anyway, I enjoy these videos and am so glad that Santa brought him the helmet cam….Thanks, Santa Morgan!!

    Jay – where you stopped and rubbed your left hand, had you ridden to close to a cactus?

  3. Oops – my comments refer to the next video! Sorry.

  4. Head to California next week?! Yes, let’s definitely meet up!

    Our plan is to be in San Diego for the first half of next week, and then make our way toward Quartzsite over the weekend for our very first visit.

    And you?

  5. There happens to be a big conference / RVer meet-up thing at Quartzsite beginning this weekend, but really we’re just going to check the place out. We’re in SD now and I’ll be speaking in Tucson on the 24th, so – since we have some wiggle room in between – Yair and I decided that we would see what all the fuss is about!

    Have you been? 🙂

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