48th Week in Review: A Fresh Start

This week we enjoyed celebrating New Years and my birthday.  We also had the chance to ride at McDowell Mountain Regional Park with Jay’s dad.  Today we leave Phoenix and head back to life in motion.  We will be spending the next two weeks (approximately), exploring southern Arizona.  We look forward to visiting Tucson, Bisbee, Sierra Vista, and Tubac.  If you know someone in southern Arizona we should meet up with, let us know.  We are also interested in recommendations for free camping and for volunteer opportunities.

Product of the Week:

Video of the Week:

Hours volunteered:  5 hours, Sharon is working on a project for Fresh Start Treasures

States: 1 – Arizona: Phoenix, Chandler, Tucson

Budget: Even with some expenses this week we managed to stay under thanks to Christmas money.

People Visited: No new visits

Nights under the stars: 1

tammie coe cake

My birthday cake

Best meal: Birthday dinner at Sushi on Shea and a Tammie Coe cake for dessert

Best beer: Alaskan Winter Ale – Jay and I were both pleasantly surprised by this seasonal beer that features spruce tips.


6 responses to “48th Week in Review: A Fresh Start

  1. I enjoyed the video. It was curious to follow the shadow; I found it distracting at first. Looking forward to more fun videos! Love the birthday cake!

  2. Kathy and I have spent alot of time camping around Tucson. Precious few free places and if you do find someplace you’ll most likely find hordes of retired folks dry camping at the good open public land spots. DO NOT camp on state land parcels without a permit, if you do, and they catch you, you will be fined. Avoid reservation lands. One area I found pretty nice is the east side of the Santa Rita Mts., north of Patagonia – good biking too. Madera Canyon is nice near Tubac, but I think there’s a camping fee, and it’s a pretty popular birding place.
    Tucson Mt Park is great, but like the nearby state parks there’s a fee.
    We’ll be down there in March – good luck.
    Bill Harris.

  3. I love the video but boy, is it scary!! And I didn’t see the roadrunner even though I went back through it! Maybe you’ll come across something bigger that I can’t miss next time. Oh, wait, do I want that or not?

  4. I’m telling you, you need to try Anderson Valley’s Winter Solstice. You can thank me when you post it as your best beer of the week =P

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