Great Online Communities for Road Adventurers

At this time last year we were preparing for a year long road trip and weren’t sure where to start.  I want to take a minute to give a shout out to three online communities that have been helpful during our trip.

In addition to our favorite blogs that we list on the left hand column under Blogroll, we also find these sites awesome for communicating with other road trippers.

Drive the Americas – If you are planning a trip in North, Central or South America (or all three!) then you have to check out this site.  Set up by two couples who met on their own grand adventure it is built by road trippers for road trippers.  If you’re looking for inspiration read the road tripper profiles.

Drive the Americas Tent at Overland Expo

We spent a lot of the 2011 Overland Expo hanging out with Chris at the Drive the Americas lounge learning about his adventures driving the Pan-American highway from California to Argentina (photo credit: Chris Nolan)

Expedition Portal – Setting out for an overland adventure where you intend to get off the paved roads?  Expedition portal is chock full of helpful advice about preparing to be self sufficient for any overland route you choose to take.  Jay particularly likes comparing notes with other travelers about modifications they have made to their vehicles.

As we learned at the 2011 Overland Expo, you have a lot of choice in what vehicle you choose to travel the world in - this picture shows two very different overland travel options

Rav4 forum – We haven’t met anyone else in the Overland community that travels via a Rav4, so when we’ve got questions specific to our mode of travel we turn to this source.  There are forums out there for every type of vehicle and I recommend checking them out if you are going to be relying on a vehicle for your lifestyle for a year.

Sharon and Jay with the Rav4 fully loaded

Ready to get on the road from Phoenix to New Mexico in April


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