Better Trails Coverage – Now with VIDEO

I am happy to announce that I received a helmet mountable video camera for Christmas from my parents. This means that you can expect to see high definition videos like these instead of lame cell phone pictures only when I actually remember to take them. A huge improvement.

Sharon’s riding has progressed a lot. In this clip she rides confidently down a rubble strewn hill.

This one shows how Lost Arrow Trail rides now. After all the recent rain it now rides much better. As you can see it’s very fast flowing.

Both of these were shot with my new Go Pro HD Hero2 camera. It’s currently mounted to my helmet with the vented helmet mount which uses straps. I may yet figure out how to mount the more solid curved surface stick-on mount to my helmet for even less vibration. I am very impressed with how easy this thing is to use right out of the box, but I still have a lot to learn about this new camera, video technique and especially editing.


4 responses to “Better Trails Coverage – Now with VIDEO

  1. Great video! Love the “Kokopelli on a bike” shadowing, too. Next step will be bike to bike intercom for the full “you are there with us” experience.

    • The shadowing was a lot of fun while riding and It let me track down some of the camera vibration to my helmet moving around on my head some. I will have to look at the time stamp to see what time it was shot and go out at that time again soon. I am looking forward to getting the 16gb card I ordered, the 1gb is only good 8m 40s of footage. The battery is good for 2.5hours and a 16gb card is good for 240min so a 16 should be perfect.

  2. Loved the video option!! The shadow was weird….sometimes I’d see the shadow and forget it was just a shadow and think, “Oh no, Jay went off the trail. He’s going to crash!!” but then realized that it was your shadow. It will be great to see some of the gorgeous views you can see from your bike that we can’t see from a road or a hike.

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