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47th Week in Review: Ready for New Shiny Things in 2012

During this last full week of December Jay and I were busy putting together some new and exciting features for 2012.  Let’s talk about 2012 for a moment.  When we left on February 1st, 2011 we said we hoped to stay on the road for a year.  That sounded like a long time and we weren’t sure if we could do it so we didn’t want to over commit ourselves.  Well, with only one month left, we are no closer to being ready to settle down and we are finally getting good at overland travel.  So the new plan is to try to keep going until April or May and to hopefully make a little money along the way to offset our costs.

On Monday we announced our new store on Zazzle.  We have 29 products for sale so far and we will have almost twice that by the end of the week.  Please let us know if there is a type of product you are interested in that we haven’t created  yet.


Second, as Jay wrote about on Tuesday, he received a helmet cam for Christmas and we are now able to provide video from the trail.  Well, this has motivated us to create a YouTube Channel on which we will feature all different kinds of videos from the road.  We are also uploading some old videos from the last 11 months that we hadn’t had a good way to share.


We are planning to leave Phoenix and hit the road again next week, starting in southern Arizona and working our way across to southern California.  We welcome your suggestions for where to camp, volunteer, visit breweries, etc.  Thanks for continuing to read and support us.

This week:

Hours volunteered:  2 hours, Sharon is working on a project for Fresh Start Treasures

States: 1 – Arizona: Phoenix, Scottsdale

Budget: Under

People Visited: Lee Blackwell

Nights under the stars: 0

Best meal:  the traditional Christmas eve dinner featuring Shriner’s sausages, Gruyere scalloped potatoes, corn stuffing, and mandarin orange salad.

Best beer: Deschute’s Black Butte Porter has been a long time favorite of ours which we were happy to have in the fridge this week.

Better Trails Coverage – Now with VIDEO

I am happy to announce that I received a helmet mountable video camera for Christmas from my parents. This means that you can expect to see high definition videos like these instead of lame cell phone pictures only when I actually remember to take them. A huge improvement.

Sharon’s riding has progressed a lot. In this clip she rides confidently down a rubble strewn hill.

This one shows how Lost Arrow Trail rides now. After all the recent rain it now rides much better. As you can see it’s very fast flowing.

Both of these were shot with my new Go Pro HD Hero2 camera. It’s currently mounted to my helmet with the vented helmet mount which uses straps. I may yet figure out how to mount the more solid curved surface stick-on mount to my helmet for even less vibration. I am very impressed with how easy this thing is to use right out of the box, but I still have a lot to learn about this new camera, video technique and especially editing.