Announcing the Service Driven Store

I hope all of my readers who celebrate Christmas had a great time yesterday.  We celebrated it here in Phoenix and were overjoyed to get some presents which will help us on the road, including gas money, a National Parks Pass, and a Go Pro Helmet Cam for Jay.  With our gift cards we can now go shopping to replace worn out shoes and treat ourselves a little.  We hope to stay on the road through the spring, so we are looking for ways to earn a little gas money.

Perhaps you got a Visa Gift Card or cash for Christmas.  Well, if you are looking for a way to treat yourself, please check out our new store on Zazzle.  The store features products bearing my photography.  I will keep adding items to the store every week and would love requests for what time of items or which photos you would like to see available.

If you are just really generous and are looking for ways to support Service Driven, please check out our Donate page.  You can make a donation online through PayPal, mail us a check or gift card at (9605 Bronte Dr, Fairfax, VA 22032), or buy us something from our Wish List.
If you are looking for other ways to give back, tomorrow we will be highlighting some of the organizations that we worked this year who could use your year end donations.

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